Northern Exposure Rescue


Northern Exposure Rescue supports around 30 events and enables around 17,000 people safety take part in sporting and community events each year. We regularly support sailing, swimming, yachting, powerboating, kitesurfing, rowing, raft racing, and river festivals across the UK. This support includes;

  1. event planning,
  2. gaining approvals with local regulatory bodies,
  3. developing risk assessments and event documents,
  4. providing boats for water safety cover, marshal boats, marklaying boats, photography boats
  5. organising volunteers

Working with others we can provide event first aiders, divers, photographers and boat hire.

How to request our support for your event

If you would like Northern Exposure Rescue to support your event then please email with details of your event. Please do try to contact us early so we can plan and arrange things for your events as best as possible. Once we have your email we will ask you to complete a short proforma so we can understand your requirements better. We will then contact our volunteers and if we have the resources, we will confirm if we can support your event.