Northern Exposure Rescue

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Northern Exposure Rescue is a registered charity that operates on a not for profit basis. The cost of replacement of existing or new equipment is funded through a combination of grants and donations. Some operating costs such as insurance are met via donations as well.

We do work very hard to secure funding and we have spilt our efforts into 2 approaches.

Large Projects

We currently have two large projects underway.

Replacement Tow Vehicle – The first project is to replace our 2014 Toyota Hilux with a newer low emission version. To do this we are seeking around £10,000 and expect to trade in our existing vehicle. We expect this will also reduce our insurance, road tax and fuel costs.

Replacement Boat Trailers – We are looking to replace the trailers used to transport our rescue boats between events. These trailers has lasted us for a long time but they are reaching the end of their life as we spend more and more time and money repairing them. We are expect this will cost around £6,000.


We are always grateful to receive support through donations. To do this we use three approaches.

Givey – This platform allows you to make financial donations to Northern Exposure Rescue using your debit card. Simply click on the link below to access the site.

Amazon Wishlist – We have an Amazon Wishlist where we have a range of items that we regularly use when we are supporting events. If you click on the link below you can see the items on our wishlist and Amazon will take care of sending the items to us. LINK

Amazon Smile – Amazon Smile is just like normal Amazon but everytime you shop they will make a donation to us. Simply go to and select Northern Exposure Rescue as your chosen charity.