NER Policies

Our governing documents

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The following documents form the guiding principles by which we operate and assist us in maintaining our high standards.

Our Constitution

The name of the club shall be ‘Northern Exposure Rescue ‘ (hereinafter referred to as “the club”).
The object on which the club is formed is to promote and facilitate a safe environment for all those involved in sailing and similar sports near water. Click to download the constitution

Code of Conduct

Northern Exposure Members are expected to… Click view the golden rules everyone must follow

Health and Safety Policy

The management committee want to ensure the safety of all those involved in Northern Exposure Rescue events. In order to do this we have outlined the aims of the committee in this health and safety policy Click view the Health and Safety policy

Policy for reimbursing NER members who attend events

Members attending Northern Exposure Rescue events will be reimbursed according to this policy Click view the policy

Child protection Policy

We follow the RYA’s Child Protection and Policy Guidelines for clubs, class association and recognised training centres Click view the Child Protection Policy

Guide to Child Welface

We follow the RYA’s Guide to Child Welfare Click view the policy document

Equality, Inclusiveness and Diversity Policy

Northern Exposure Rescue is committed to creating an equal, inclusive and diverse organisation… Click view the Equality, Inclusiveness and Diversity policy