Marine Safety

We can provide rescue boats, marshal boats, mark laying boats for sailing, windsurfing and yachting and guard boats to support your event.


Event Management

We can also provide full event management support. From planning, delivery and review we can help you along the way. We have built up a lot of experience working with harbour authorities, police, fire & rescue, local authorities and navigation bodies. We know what these organisations expect, how they want events to run and the documents needed to support them. 



We can also use still and video cameras to capture your event and if you need super high quality coverage we can use a small but experienced team of professional photographers for the very best results.


We do ask that events we support have a clear charitable outcome or use the savings we offer, to reduce entry fees to able those less able to participate in your event. If you are not sure if you event would qualifiy then drop us a line to check. 


How to get Northern Exposure Rescue to support your event

  1. Please send an email to with a brief outline of your event in the first instance.
  2. We will send you a "Request for Support Form" which covers most of the commonly asked questions.
  3. Please fill this in and return to us. 
  4. Once we undertstand what you want us to provide, we will check our volunteer availability and confirm our attendance. 

Event Support