Can you support Northern Exposure Rescue?


Northern Exposure Rescue is a charity that depends upon donations to continue to operate. 


Our Current Fund Raising Project -

We are currently fund raising to purchase new outboard engines on our 6.4m inshore lifeboat. The current engines are two stroke engines so they use a lot of fuel and burn oil at the same time making them not very environmentally friendly. To replace the engines with new fuel efficient 4 stroke outboard motors will cost in the region of £20,000.  


Latest News -

We are pleased to announce that the Trinity House Corporate Charity have agreed to contribute £10,000 toward the total

£20,000 replacement costs. We are looking for another partner to complete our replacement project.

If you can help us please email:





















We are grateful for the following organisations for supporting us in previous years;

  • Sport England (Capital funding)

  • Thames Water (Capital funding)

  • Big Lottery Fund (Capital funding)

  • Trinity House Corporate Charity (Capital funding)

  • The Gloriana Trust (Capital funding)

  • Thames Alive (Donations)

  • Environment Agency (Navigation fee discounts)

  • Canal and Rivers Trust (Navigation fee discounts)

  • Transport for London (Equipment donations)

  • Tideway (Capital funding)

  • Gill Clothing (Discounts on equipment purchases)

  • EP Barrus Ltd (Discounts on equipment purchases)

  • South West Boat Transport (Discounts on equipment purchases)

  • Yellow Penguin YP Ltd (Discounts on equipment purchases)

  • Winsor Marine Services (Discounts on equipment purchases)

  • South Coast Boat Trailers (Discounts on equipment purchases)

  • Marina Developments Limited (Discounts on mooring fees)

  • ICOM Radio Equipment (Discount on equipment purchases)

A huge thank you to the many individuals that have made donations over the years and the volunteers that give their time and support.